Welcome to my Zandronum server "Lost Skull"


This is my server running Zandronum,
the engine to play such games as Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc.

Server IP:
Server domain: lostskull.de
Lost Skull 1 (ZDoom Wars)10666
Lost Skull 2 (Deathmatch)10665
Lost Skull 3 (Invasion)10664
Lost Skull 4 (Survival)10663
Lost Skull 5 (Capture the flag)10662

Now there are 5 game types: Last man standing, Deathmatch, Invasion, Survival and Capture the flag.
Last man stading is ZDoom Wars which is a strategy with first person look.
Deathmatch is deathmatch. Also you can choose one of the multiple classes.
Invasion is a survival, survive a lot of waves of monsters spawning around.
Survival is a game type like Cooperative, but the players have limited number of lives.
Capture the flag is normal, well-known CTF.

Server status:

(Updates every minute)
ServerPlayers onlineCurrent mapGame typeStatus
Lost Skull 1 (ZDoom Wars)1 ZDWARS42: Invasion! Last man standingonline
Lost Skull 2 (Deathmatch)2 AEON16: Breakthrough Deathmatchonline
Lost Skull 3 (Invasion)0 ALINV01: By The NightFall Invasiononline
Lost Skull 4 (Survival)0 E1M1: Sitnalta Shrine Survivalonline
Lost Skull 5 (Capture the flag)3 HEXCTF03: HEXEN CTF 03 Capture the flagonline

How to play:

To be able to play on the server you need to install Zandronum first.
Then you need a WAD-file. For ZDoom Wars, Deathmatch and Invasion it's DOOM2.WAD.
For Survival it's HERETIC.WAD.
For Capture the flag it's HEXEN.WAD.
If you are using GNU/Linux or Mac: copy DOOM2.WAD, HERETIC.WAD and HEXEN.WAD to ~/.config/zandronum.
If you are using Windows: copy DOOM2.WAD, HERETIC.WAD and HEXEN.WAD to the folder where Zandronum is installed.
It's highly recomended to install Doomseeker.
In the "Options" give the path to your zandronum folder.
Or copy DOOM2.WAD, HERETIC.WAD and HEXEN.WAD to the folder where Doomseeker is installed.
For the GNU/Linux and Mac users it's ~/.config/doomseeker per default.
Also in the Options -> Wadseeker -> Sites add https://lostskull.de/wads/ to be able to download the wads from my server directly.
With Doomseeker you can search the servers named "Lost Skull". All needed content it will download automatically.
Enjoy =)

If you have any questions, ask me. My name is Alexander Gordon.

Additional content:

Download wads